1) Why is there such a large range of shipping costs?

Iím shipping from Tennessee, so shipping to the East Coast will be less than the West Coast since the distance is shorter. The best way to figure out what your shipping costs will be is to contact me with the ID# of the chair youíre interested in and your zip code. Iíll send you back a shipping quote.

2) Can you ship two chairs in one box? What if I order several chairs?

Believe it or not, itís actually cheaper to ship chairs separately. Since DHL has discontinued shipping operations within the U.S., my shipping rates will be changing when I determine which new carrier to use. Freight rate is available for three or more chairs and is usually much less than shipping each chair individually.

3) Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaiíi, or Canada? Do you ship internationally?

No, sorry. In these cases, the cost of shipping the chair far exceeds the cost of the chair itself. I ship only to the contiguous 48 states.

4) I live in the Knoxville area. Can I pick up my chair instead of having it shipped?

Iíve had problems in the past with no-shows, plus Iím currently dealing with a serious medical situation, so scheduling pick-ups is too difficult. We can arrange for delivery of the chair to you for $15; otherwise shipping will be via the U.S. Post Office, FedEx, or UPS -- whichever has the lowest rate.

5) Do you accept checks or money orders as payment? I know that eBay stopped accepting those forms of payment.

Unlike eBay, I still accept checks, money orders, and PayPal as payment. The address for sending payment is on the home page.

6) How do I know that these are vintage chairs and not reproductions?

First, new Emeco chairs run $735 - $765, which is way more than what Iím asking for the chairs on this website! Second, if you have any questions about the age of the chair that youíre interested in, contact me and Iíll send you a picture of the underside of the chair with the date on it.

Hereís an example from a 1963 Emeco chair. P908002602

7) If these chairs came from came from government facilities involved in making the atomic bomb, are these chairs radioactive? I noticed your company name...

These chairs were checked for radioactive contamination before I purchased them. The government facilities in question would not be able to sell these chairs to the public if they were contaminated.